Reports to the Prime Minister

The Public Service of Canada is one of Canada’s important national institutions. A professional, well-trained, and well-managed Public Service provides a competitive advantage for Canada. The Public Service directly supports the sound governance of the country, delivers high quality programs and services to Canadians, and helps project and promote Canadian values and interests on the world stage.

As required under section 127 of the Public Service Employment Act, the Clerk of the Privy Council reports annually to the Prime Minister on the state of the Public Service. The Annual Report outlines some of the major achievements of the Public Service over the previous year, articulates key challenges shaping the operating environment, and sets the direction for the leadership and management of the Public Service for the year ahead.

As a result of the renewal efforts launched in 2006, business and human resources planning is better integrated and more rigorous, a dynamic cohort of new public servants has joined our ranks, and deputy heads and their management teams have put people management front and centre. However, the rapid economic, social and technological changes unfolding in society demand that we do more.

Throughout its long history, the Canadian Public Service has adapted itself to serve the evolving needs of the country. It must anticipate and prepare for the future even while managing current challenges. The Annual Reports reflect on the significant changes that have unfolded in both the Public Service and the world around it in the two decades since the publication of the First Annual Report in 1992. It also highlights examples of the real progress we are making to better position our institution for the future and outlines some key near-term priorities. For more, read this year’s report.