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Clerk’s address to the IPAC National Annual Conference

August 19, 2013

Hello everyone, and thank you. It’s great to be here in Montreal. I’d like to begin by congratulating and thanking George Ross, the President of IPAC, and the organizers of this conference for the work they do to create forums for academia and public service professionals from all levels to share information, ideas and successes. [Transcript]

Message from the Clerk - Twentieth Annual Report

May 2, 2013

The Public Service has managed a considerable amount of change over the past year and I am very proud of the dedication and professionalism that public servants have demonstrated throughout this demanding period. In the coming year, we will continue our efforts to ensure that our proud institution rises to meet the challenges of tomorrow. [Transcript]

Royal Canadian Mint Visit

September 29, 2011

In operation since 1908, the Royal Canadian Mint is a commercial Crown corporation responsible for the production of all Canadian circulation coins and for the management of the coin distribution system for the Government of Canada. [Transcript]

A Word from Wayne Wouters, Clerk of the Privy Council, to Public Servants

July 9, 2010

So far, it’s been an incredibly busy 2010! We’ve been on the go since Fall 2009 and we’ve covered a lot of ground. [Transcript]

National Microbiological Laboratory Visit

February 22, 2010

Dr. Frank Plummer, Scientific Director General: We have two teams and two set-ups that are ready to go out of Winnipeg on three hours notice that basically anywhere in the world. [Transcript]

The Public Service of Canada

March 30, 2009

Here, in thousands of places across this nation, beat the hearts of a quarter of a million men and women who, together, form a determined, dedicated force. [Transcript]